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I'm an abstract expressionist artist, working predominantly in oil point. I'm drawn to the heaviness and textural capabilities found in oil, and enjoy layering these to create rich effects on both canvas and paper. Even when I have a clear direction set out, I often will not know exactly where a painting will take me when I begin its journey on a blank canvas. I allow the paint to dictate some of the end result, and allow a fluid evolution of exploration to dominate my process.


I'm filled with a constant desire to create. My artworks reflect not only something visual, but an emotion and state of mind, a place and feeling, a deeper connection. Art is something I lose myself within, and to me it is a calming escape from the weight of life.


As a very visual individual, I find inspiration all around me. My surroundings and experiences in life dictate much of my motivation to create. Based in Ireland, I want to use my art to show the beauty of this small island in my landscape and seascape pieces. 


Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Jill has always had a passion for all things creative. Her love of art was instilled at a very early age, watching her grandfather paint, and drawing alongside him. 


After receiving a First Class Honours Degree in Architecture from University College Dublin, Jill worked across the globe in locations such as Paris, New York, Beijing and London. This opportunity to immerse herself in other cultures and environments acts as a strong foundation of inspiration within her creative pursuits. 


As well as being an artist, Jill also runs a successful interior design firm, L'Estrange Designs, who specialise in hospitality design. Her projects have been featured in publications including The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, Lovin' Dublin, VIP Magazine, Image Magazine and The Irish Mirror.


Jill is currently based in Dublin, although a passion for travel often takes her across the globe. She uses the opportunity of running her own firm to foster dogs from the DSPCA, a cause which she cares about greatly. 

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